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What is the difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster?

When making a claim, you are quite likely to encounter a loss assessor or a loss adjuster.

While their job titles may sound strikingly similar, they actually play very different roles in the claims process.

Loss adjusters are employed by your insurance company to investigate your case and ultimately determine whether your insurer needs to pay up (or not).

After clarifying that the conditions of your policy do cover the loss, your loss adjuster will collect evidence, assess any damage, and put together a full report with recommendations as to how much the insurance company should pay.

Good loss adjusters play an integral role in making sure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently – but unfortunately, because they have been appointed by the insurer, they will often try to work in the insurance provider’s best interests, not yours. Some of the less scrupulous loss adjusters will even go out of their way to discredit your claim to negotiate the lowest possible settlement amount and minimise costs and liability, in the interests only of the insurer.

They’re certainly not all bad. But they’re certainly not always on your side.  

Loss assessors – like us! –  work directly for you, the policyholder.

loss assessor will manage every aspect of your claim on your behalf, talking you through each stage of the process and acting as a much-needed source of support at what can be an incredibly challenging time.

Crucially, if the loss adjuster who is handling your case on your insurance company’s side believe they have reason to dispute or deny your claim, your loss assessor will step in to argue your case, giving you the best possible chance of leaving the process with an accurate and reasonable settlement.

They can help in a range of other ways, too. From a practical perspective, for example, they can organise emergency repairs to your home or business premises after the incident has taken place and develop a robust disaster recovery plan that includes finding alternative accommodation for you and your family. And on the finance side of things, they can help you arrange interim payments if your case is dragging on and you need cash in the bank to keep you afloat.

By bringing a loss assessor on board, you will have a much better chance of qualifying your claim first time and negotiating a much better settlement, whether that’s financially or an improved prescribed repair. You will also have the advantage of working with somebody who sees it from your side, who fully understands the claims procedure; who has the expert negotiating skills needed to get you the results you deserve; and who will work tirelessly to look after you and your premises while you can concentrate on your family members, your career, and in fact anything and everything but the insurance claim!

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