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What happens if Pancake Day turns into pan fire day?

It doesn’t take much to burn a pancake.

Even the most careful of cooks can be caught out on Shrove Tuesday – or any day of the year, in fact – by leaving their pancake mix in the pan just a little too long and allowing the oil or the mix to catch fire.

Kitchen fires are responsible for 60% of all fires that take place in a domestic setting. They can spread extremely quickly, and pose a huge safety risk to anyone caught in their wake; in fact, statistics show that many of them do result in injuries and, in the worst possible cases, fatalities.

How to reduce the risk of a kitchen fire

The main advice from our fire services is, of course, don’t leave your pancake or any other foodstuff unattended. But there are other instances which could lead to your kitchen going up in flames:

  • Tea towels and clothes will catch fire easily when exposed to a naked flame or a piping hot hob top. Keep cloths and sleeves away from any heat source
  • Don’t use matches or lighters to ignite gas cookers. Invest in a proper spark device instead
  • Don’t cook if you are tired, have been drinking alcohol beyond your tolerance, or taking any medication that might make you less alert than usual
  • Make sure you turn off the cooker and/or hob when you have finished. (It sounds like simple guidance, but you’d be surprised how often we forget to switch off appliances when we’re in a hurry to tuck in to the results of all our hard work)
  • Clean your hob and other surface areas to prevent the build up of grease and fat, both of which could ignite unexpectedly
  • Supervise children while they are in your kitchen and never let them cook or handle food beyond their capabilities. The same goes for pets – keep them away from surfaces to avoid flips and spills

What to do (and what not to do) if your pan or other utensil goes up in flames

If your pan does unfortunately catch fire:

  • Don’t attempt to move the pan
  • Don’t throw water on it, as this could create a fireball
  • Try to turn off the heat – but only if it is safe
  • Leave the room, close the door, and make other people in the home aware of the situation
  • Call the emergency services (999) and wait for assistance

At Your Claim, we can’t put fires out, nor prevent them from happening in the first place. However, we can be here to help count the cost of repairs and reinstate any fire damage quickly and efficiently, with the support of an expert supply chain of restoration specialists.

We have dealt with a great deal of kitchen fire cases over the years in a reactive and pragmatic manner and our team has often been described as a vital source of support at what can be a difficult and uncertain time for any family.

You can find more information on how we help to manage a property claim here.

If you fall victim to a kitchen fire and need guidance fast, call us on 01206 707999.

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