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This is acceptable??

Never mind ‘super heroes crashing through your door’ and ‘we’re on it’ etc, the all too frequent reality for policyholders engaging their insurer to repair their property is poor communication bordering on disregard, hours spent on portals or phone queuing systems, and poor operational working practises.

This is how an Insurance Company’s appointed response team left their policyholder, their own client’s home this week.

7 days later the waste material is still there dumped on the front lawn for all to see.

It got worse. On entering the property loose and crumbing asbestos containing material on the floor (untested) with air movers busily distributing particulates around the room, the desiccant dehumidifier without ducting with no power surge protection.

No power for two weeks, kitchen and bathroom unusable yet Insurers Claims Handlers deem this property habitable.

Your insurer might promise you the earth but they have little control over deliverables other than feedback.

As independent property damage assessors we have invoked the complaints procedure on this occasion and look now to wrestle this claim response back in favour of the home owners, the policyholder, the insured.

When will insurers correlate customers service with premium renewals. Good service is rewarded with premium renewals.

Surely they’re the best customers you could wish for!

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