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theft & criminal damage insurance claims

Criminal damage, as defined by the Criminal Damage Act of 1971, is where someone causes damage to your property with intent to do so, without lawful excuse.

If someone has targeted your building in any way, we will look to recover your losses. Our loss assessors will support you through your home insurance claims process to ensure items are replaced and repairs are carried out quickly.

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what kinds of claims do we manage?

Water can break down the fabric of your building, wrecking its aesthetics in the process. Untreated leaks will cause rot and decay over time, which will weaken the structural joists of your property.

Even if the leak is not particularly fast-moving, you should always seek to find its source and fix it as soon as possible. Too much moisture will lead to the emergence of damp, resulting in the destruction of plaster, flooring and decorative finishes, not to mention unsightly mould and lingering smells that can make the property very unpleasant to live in.

how we can help with theft and criminal damage claims

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or you own a commercial premises, we can assist you in assessing the extent of the loss you’ve suffered, letting you know what needs to be done to fix the damage, and setting suitable solutions in motion.

If extensive repairs are required following theft or criminal damage, we will send in the right professional team to restore the building and/or its contents in a timely manner. It means you don’t have to spend your valuable time coordinating tradespeople, leaving you free to go about your normal life. We’ll also liaise with your insurance company to ensure your case is managed efficiently and you receive the settlement you’re entitled to under the terms of your policy.

our theft and criminal damage claim process

Our theft and criminal damage business insurance claims services come with no additional costs or fees. In most cases, you will only need to pay your insurance excess. The insurance company will settle our costs. We can also still assist you if you are not currently insured.

save time

Mitigate the damage and take steps to make your property safe again

fast response

Undertake risk assessments

best results

Carry out comprehensive property surveys

Compile all the evidence we need to present your claim to your insurers

safety first

Determine what can be salvaged, and what needs to be disposed of

save time

Interpret your policy to make sure it does cover incidents of theft and criminal damage

fast response

Liaise with your insurer and negotiate your claim on your behalf

best results

Communicate with your loss adjuster, surveyor, and any other third party

Arrange specialist appointments in more complex scenarios

safety first

Push for interim payments where possible

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We have recommended Your Claim services on a number of occasions. Graham’s knowledge of his subject is second to none and he always works with us to quickly understand the extent of cover available…

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