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All the warning signs are there. You just don’t know where to turn for advice and guidance.

Rest assured, Your Claim has many years’ experience in helping both domestic and commercial clients navigate subsidence insurance claims. We know that even the mention of the word can strike fear into the hearts of any property owner – but we’re here to provide reassurance and practical solutions at what can be a particularly worrying time.

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what is subsidence, and why does it happen?

Subsidence occurs when the foundations of your property begin to sink because the soil underneath shrinks or becomes unstable. If left untreated, it can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your building.

If your property has subsidence, you’ll notice large, diagonal cracks appearing in your walls. Existing cracks may get bigger and deeper; wallpaper may begin to ripple; and doors and windows may start to stick because their frames are changing shape.

The issue is especially prevalent in areas with clay soil, as it’s prone to shrinking and expanding in the summer and winter seasons. However, it can be caused by other factors, such as nearby roots and trees, which may be responsible for the desiccation of the clay soil.

how we can help with subsidence damage claims

Your Claim will steer you through the subsidence insurance claim process. We’ll collect everything you need to make a strong case to your insurer, including site investigations and trial pits, and we’ll be on hand throughout your claims journey to ensure you get the support and financial remuneration you deserve. We’ll liaise with surveyors, builders and other third parties to make sure a fair assessment is offered and all repair works are dealt with quickly and effectively.

our water & flood damage claim process

Our subsidence insurance claims validation and building repair services come with no additional costs or fees. In most cases, you will only need to pay your insurance excess. The insurance company will settle our costs. We can also still assist you if you are not currently insured.

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Mitigate the damage and take steps to make your property safe again

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Undertake risk assessments

best results

Carry out comprehensive property surveys

Compile all the evidence we need to present your claim to your insurers

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Determine what can be salvaged, and what needs to be disposed of

save time

Interpret your policy to make sure it does cover incidents of subsidence

fast response

Liaise with your insurer and negotiate your claim on your behalf

best results

Communicate with your loss adjuster, surveyor, and any other third party

Arrange specialist appointments in more complex scenarios

safety first

Push for interim payments where possible

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We have recommended Your Claim services on a number of occasions. Graham’s knowledge of his subject is second to none and he always works with us to quickly understand the extent of cover available…

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