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Handling a huge flood at a managed investment property

Your Claim received a panicked call from a managing agent after a semi-detached bungalow was left devastated by mains pressure flooding without a tenant in situ.

After speaking with the landlord, we visited the property to find that an estimated 3500 gallons of water had ruined the building’s fabric over the course of a week. A faulty push fitting responsible for connecting the mains supply was to blame for the destruction, and unfortunately, because the tenant had vacated the property, no-one had been there to raise the alarm.

The fabric of the kitchen and bathroom had been compromised beyond repair, as had ceilings in four of the property’s eight rooms.

Your Claim instigated emergency stabilisation and repair works within 4 hours of taking on the case. The stop cock and damaged water pipe were immediately isolated, and we undertook a strip-out exercise before deploying an advanced structural drying programme. The relative humidity in the bungalow was in excess of 85%, so we needed to act fast to prevent the growth of mould spores and bacteria. The property’s doors and door linings were removed, and all damaged plaster was removed to a height of 1m. The floors were fixed with asbestos thermoplastic tiles adhered with asbestos adhesive, which was ground off. A partial rewire also took place.

We instructed an independent surveyor to draw up a scope of works, which was quickly authorised by the insurers due to our involvement in the case. The drying programme took eight weeks in total, after which the programme above was implemented. As well as a fair settlement, the landlord received full compensation for loss of rent and was reimbursed their council tax fees.

Handling a huge flood

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