Help with Flood Damage Insurance Claims

It doesn’t have to be a weather bomb to cause a flood in your property, it could be a blocked gutter, drain or a breach of the property’s damp course that leads to flood damage.

Once standing water has subsided or been removed a careful risk assessment will be undertaken and a triage approach is taken to determine what can and cannot be salvaged and then begin assessing the value of each item.

Your Claim’s validation and managed-building repair service comes with no additional costs or fees, other than your insurance excess. The insurance company pays and settles our costs. Call us to find out more.

Help with your Flood Damage Insurance Claims

“Following a theft of lead flashing from our commercial building, we suffered a large flood of water following a storm over the weekend in two of our office suites. Graham and his team arrived the next day and took complete control of the situation, removing wet and damaged material and set up dehumidifiers and driers to help stop build of humidity. We were so pleased with the work we asked the team to undertake further private works involving structural alterations and the removal of internal partitions, work that we had been putting off.”
Commercial IT company – Canterbury, Kent

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