Q: Should I get quotes from building firms?
A. No. Most individuals do not have the experience to find an appropriate contractor for the job and we feel this is unfair burden that some insurance companies may make on claimants. As you have made us your claims representative we will carefully look at the damage and come up with a full report outlaying the costs to your insurer.
Q. Who does YourClaim work for?
A. You, the policy holder. The insurance company have their own professional loss adjusters to look after their own interests. Our business is caring for YOUR interests and ensuring that your settlement is fair and reasonable.
Q. Will I have to meet the loss adjuster?
A. Only in the initial stages and we’ll be there too. You will be asked a series of questions that only you can answer, along the same lines as those questions that were put to you when you first took out the policy. We will be able to answer the claim-related questions posed.
Q. What will your service cost me?
A. Our work is paid for by the insurance company, so it is free to you, but you may have to pay an excess on your policy.
Q. Is it my role to find the right builders for the job and manage them, too?
A. No. We only use vetted and insured contractors and trades people that we trust to carry out the works to a high standard.
Q. Should I be liaising with the insurance company?
A. Once you have signed the letter of authority to us we take over managing your claim with the insurance company, their loss adjuster and any other party that is involved. The only person you will need to liaise with is YourClaim Ltd.

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