Frequently Asked Questions About The Claims Process And Loss Adjusters

If you’re new to the claims process, you’ll probably have lots of questions regarding how things work and what to expect. We’ve answered some of our most common queries below.


Who does Your Claim work for?

You, the policyholder. The insurance company have their own professional loss adjusters to look after their own interests. As loss assessors, our business is caring for YOUR interests and ensuring that your settlement is fair and reasonable.


What does a loss assessor do?

A loss assessor will work for you. They will manage every aspect of your claim on your behalf, talking you through each stage of the process and acting as a much-needed source of support at what can be a tumultuous time. If your insurance company’s loss adjuster believes they have reason to dispute or deny your claim, a loss assessor will step in to argue your case to push for an accurate payout.


Do I need a loss assessor?

The short answer is no, you don’t. You could choose to manage your claim yourself. But there’s so much value in instructing a loss assessor from day one.

As well as helping to fight your corner, they can help in a range of other ways, from arranging emergency repairs and developing disaster recovery plans to organising interim payments if your case isn’t settled as quickly as you’d like. Having someone by your side to provide expert guidance and take care of the finer details can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a successful claim, so we would always recommend bringing a loss assessor onboard as early in the claims process as you can. In financial terms, loss assessors can help you achieve up to 40% more from your claim – so there are fiscal benefits to seeking third party advice, too.


How much does a loss assessor cost?

The work carried out by your loss assessors will be paid for by your insurance company. As far as you’re concerned, it’s a free service as the claim costs will include our costs. Depending on your policy, you may need to pay an excess – but in most cases, this will be significantly cheaper than covering a loss assessor’s charges!


Will I have to meet the loss adjuster who’s working on my claim?

Only in the initial stages, and we’ll be there with you, too. You will be asked a series of questions that only you can answer (they will be along the same lines as those questions that were put to you when you first took out the policy). We will be waiting in the wings to answer any claims-related questions that come up at this point.


How do I start the claims process?

Call us in the first instance. You will also need to notify your insurance company of the damage as soon as you can, so they can open a case. Click to learn more about how to make a claim


I need to repair damage to my property. Should I get quotes from building firms?

No. Most individuals do not have the experience to find an appropriate contractor for the job and we feel this is unfair burden that some insurance companies place on their claimants. As you have made us your claims representative, we will carefully look at the damage and come up with a full report that outlays the costs to your insurer.


Is it my role to find the right builders for the job and manage them, too?

No. You can leave this work to us. We will only ever use vetted and insured contractors and tradespeople that we trust to carry out your works to a high standard.


Should I be liaising with the insurance company?

Once you have signed the letter of authority to us, we will take over the management of your claim with the insurance company, their loss adjuster, and any other party that is involved. The only person you will need to liaise with from here on in is Your Claim Ltd.


I’m not insured. Can you still help me?

Yes. We can still support you if your property has been damaged and you do not currently have an insurance policy in place. Please call us directly on 01206 707999 to discuss your options.


Which areas do you cover?

As we’re based in Essex, we offer priority call-out services to clients in London and the Eastern counties. However, our network of nationwide contacts ensures we can also handle claims for policyholders further afield in the UK.

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