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East London Fire – Victorian converted flats

When YourClaim were called to assist the landlord to validate a fire claim for this converted Victorian Townhouse above shops to 3 flats in East London, it wasn’t immediately evident what had started the fire. The building had been vacated temporarily however we were confident there was no foul play. Forensics undertook a thorough investigation and also concluded the blaze was accidental, most likely electrical. The fire took hold of a top floor apartment damaging the flat roof above and the buildings cold water storage and heating. Upon agreement with the client we proposed an independent building surveyor be appointed to work with the client to establish a position of loss to proposed to insurers.

The Challenge

There was much to be done with little space inside or outside the building. On one of East London’s busy red routes, access, storage, and parking presented logistical challenges. With Insurers accepting full indemnity for all three properties there was much damage to building fabric to be stripped back and removed safely for waste recycling. New windows were specified to be fitted on the second and third floors along with a new cold deck torch on 3 ply mineral felt insulated roof, above this busy shopping area works presented a significant safety risk to pedestrians and shoppers below.

The Solution

To make this project work for all stakeholders we condensed the programme of works constructing a protecting handrail around the roof parapet with a hoist to bring materials up and down to and from the rooftop. The street was closed below during periods of potential hazard during window replacement during weekend early hours, with the road closed and cordoned off, a banksman was positioned to observe and guard pedestrian activity. The heating system was to be redesigned to bring the main pressure valve to each of the flats rather than a single riser main supplying the community heating system. The heating system was removed, two new additional main water risers were fitted with new combination boiler installations in each of the flats.  

The Outcome

Protecting and strengthening a first-floor roof deck we used this area as a loading and storage deck where materials could be supplied and safely stored. The newly replaced roof was complete, the newly constructed and insulated partition and external walls were replastered and decorated, with the installation of two new kitchens, the building rewired with a new security alarm and door entry provision, new floors, and cosmetic finishes throughout this refurbishment represented a comprehensive overhaul providing the client with total indemnity and a fantastic finished reinstatement.

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