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Flood Damage in Romford, Essex

When a freak hailstorm hit Gidea Park in Romford in June, we were contacted by a landlord who’s investment property had been severely affected by flash flood water.

Positioned in a natural borrow of a residential street the property faired the worst as floodwater collected from both sides overwhelming the main drainage and main sewer. Before long, toxic black waste water had risen over door thresholds, through airbricks and up through the cosmetic flooring fixed to the suspended floor joists of the ground floor. The tenants did everything they could to keep the water out using towels to stem the flow through the front and back doors.

The Challenge

The tenant who was elderly and well supported by her family was traumatised quite understandably by the experience. As flood water damage occurred from rising water through airbricks, all of the cosmetics and subfloors had become saturated and contaminated.

The Solution

Following a constructive virtual meeting with the loss adjuster, we commissioned a specialist drying restoration and hygiene company to employ restoration drying to the house and outbuilding. Several sections of the floorboards were removed to establish how water and now air would move freely under the subfloor. Using desiccant dehumidifiers hot air was forced under the floor void until the timbers were thoroughly dried. The cosmetic floors were removed, the structural floor hygiene was cleaned, and damaged plaster and plasterboard sections were removed from the walls and ceiling ready for further drying. The tenant was insistent about not moving out and we were able to condense a safety compliant programme of works to minimise disruption to the tenant.  

The Outcome

With drying certificate issued, reinstatement, client private works, and decorations complete the tenant was able to remain in-situ removing the disruption to the tenancy for the landlord, and easing the stress placed on the tenant. The soft skills required to manage stressful situations were at the forefront of our minds taking time every day to explain works to be undertaken, keeping the tenant informed of works minimising impact and allowing the tenant to organise and plan time and activities out of the home, during the more intrusive works. Both tenant and Landlord were left fully satisfied with the support they received and the quality of workmanship undertaken. 

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