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Dealing with broken pipes from an upstairs bathroom

Your Claim were contacted by the landlord of a property in the seaside town of Westgate-on-Sea in Kent. Their leaseholder needed help coordinating an extremely unpleasant claim for building damage that had occurred as a result of a toilet reflux caused by a blocked soil pipe upstairs.

Our immediate priority was to organise a forensic clean of the master bedroom en suite toilet. We needed to remove all cosmetic furniture and carry out an anti-microbial clean-down of built fabric. We sent a repair team to strip out all the affected materials, which included matching floors in the hallway and the lounge. Affected skirting boards and doors were removed and set aside. We then replaced several of the floor joists in the master bedroom which had been adversely affected.

Our team swiftly agreed a schedule of repairs with the client’s insurers, which included the full reinstatement of all matching floors and replacement floor joists, plus the reinstatement of a new bathroom and decorations to all four rooms.

Fortunately, this was a second home for the leaseholders, and so no provisions for loss of rent or alternative accommodation were required.

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We have recommended Your Claim services on a number of occasions. Graham’s knowledge of his subject is second to none and he always works with us to quickly understand the extent of cover available…

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