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Burst Pipe & Water Damage Insurance Claim

A walkthrough video of a property in Witham, Essex that was subject to escaped water during the frosts of December 2022. A burst pipe and water damage in the loft brought down all of the ceilings in this property. 

This claim started after a frosty December, and a burst pipe wreaking havoc on a property. Ceilings came crashing down, and chaos ensued.

In this walkthrough, you’ll witness the meticulous steps we took to tackle the extensive water damage. From structural drying to reinstating ceilings, every detail mattered as we worked towards restoring the property’s integrity. And let’s not forget the strategic installation of a new budget kitchen, a key element in expediting the property’s return to the market as per our client’s wishes.

Now, navigating water damage insurance claim was no easy feat. We faced limitations, but with our expertise and understanding of insurance protocols, we maximised the restoration efforts within those confines. It’s all about working smart within the parameters, and we were determined to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the invaluable support of our partners, Essex Boiler Group and Luxe Electrical. Their swift assistance and expertise were instrumental in overcoming challenges along the way.

As I look back on this project, I can’t help but feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. Despite the setbacks and hurdles, our team’s dedication and resilience have prevailed, transforming the property into a symbol of hope and possibility. 

If you need support and assistance with a burst pipe or water damage insurance claim please contact me.

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